Small Groups


Small groups are the heart of our Church here in Chandler’s Ford.

They are the place where we can build friendships and share our lives with others, be encouraged in our growth as disciples of Christ and reach out to serve and bless others.

  • We are all different, and our groups seek to reflect that.
  • You’ll find groups that meet weekly, fortnightly and even monthly.
  • There are groups that have a focus for specific things, or people.
  • There are groups that are gender specific, and those that are for anyone.

Whatever your style, the vision for all of our small groups is that they would provide a place for

  • A real meeting with God
  • A real meeting with each other to impact the world around us

You are welcome to join any of our groups. Take your time to decide which might be right for you.

For more information about our groups and how to join one please contact Rev. Garry Roberts



Weekly Groups

Each group focuses on friendship, bible study and prayer

Stuart & Ruth
Wednesdays @ 7:45pm

Jon & Mel Westmacott
Wednesdays @ 8pm

Ali Roberts
Wednesdays @ 8pm


‘Novo’ For all women
Jane Duxbury & Debbie Pearce
Fridays @ 10 am

Craig & Georgia Jenkin

Thursdays @ 7:30pm

Dean Thomas

Wednesdays @ 7:45pm

Fortnightly Groups

Each group focuses on friendship, bible study and prayer

‘Open Door’
Pam and Ken Beecroft
Tuesdays @ 7:30pm

Jackie Hill
Wednesdays @ 10:30am

Heather Callum
Day and time varies

Monthly Groups

Each group focuses on friendship, bible study and prayer

Sarah Hargreaves
Wednesday @ 7:45pm

A group for all men
1st Saturday of each month 8am

Focus Groups

These groups have a specific focus or membership


A book club style group that meets to discuss and share reflections on books that impact our faith
Meets monthly, day and time vary

Women’s Breakfast

A group for all women to grow in their faith, and enjoy breakfast together!
In 2017 there will be a meeting on the 2nd Saturday of alternate months. The next breakfast is 12th August 2017 in St Martin’s church centre.

Mothers Union

A National organisation with a branch that meets in the parish.
Afternoon group: Last Wednesday of the month St Boniface 2pm
Evening group: 3rd Monday of the month 8:45pm.
Venue varies