Thy Kingdom Come 2020

Every single day hundreds of millions of our brothers and sisters around the world say the prayer Jesus put on our lips, praying ‘Thy Kingdom Come’. The focus of our prayers in these days between Ascension and Pentecost has been for the coming of the God’s Kingdom in the lives of family and friends, neighbours and colleagues that they might come to faith.

We usually set aside a space in St Martins to come and pray, to be creative or to be still; due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this isn’t going to be possible this year. However, this does mean that our own homes will become spaces of prayer as we still seek to use this time as a space to pray ‘Thy Kingdom Come’.

There’s loads of resources available to help you pray during this time. Visit to find these resources. There’s many free resources, as well as some to buy.

The prayer journals (download here:  or buy a physical copy here: are especially good!

There’s also a Digital Prayer Map aimed mainly at children – go to to download the map and find instructions on how to use it. You will need a smart phone and the corresponding app to properly use this map – all the instructions can be found on the above web page.

Here’s a video of the Archbishop Justin Welby having a go!


From 9am Saturday 30th May – 9am Sunday 31st May, the Diocese of Winchester is holding a virtual 24 hours of prayer. Click here to find out more about it.

To find some creative ways of praying, click here: This page will be updated daily with different ideas.

Finally, the organisation 24/7 prayer are wanting to get churches and individuals committed to praying at certain points throughout the first 7 days of this event and therefore covering this nation in constant prayer for those 7 days. You can sign up as an individual by going to this website and clicking on an hour slot – you can share a slot with someone else, so don’t worry if there’s already some names down there (although, at the time of writing this, there’s some 2am – 3am slots not taken at all!) Click here to sign up: