Limitless Online

We know that the youth summer festivals are often such a high-point of the year for many young people and we are super sad that it can’t happen this year. Our hope is that in being able to meet together, although with some restrictions, and watch the Limitless sessions online we will be able to recreate both some of the fun and space for encountering God that would’ve have happened if we were away at Limitless.

So, we are going to gather the youth together the evening of Friday 7th August and most of the day and evening (with a break for dinner) on Saturday 8th August at St Boniface Church.

The programme for our time together will look something like this:

*There are a number of different seminars throughout the afternoon. We will watch one that the youth decide on so this time will be confirmed when that decision is made.

Unless restrictions change by this event, young people will need to bring their own food for Friday evening (could be their whole dinner, or just some snacks having had dinner at home), their own breakfast on Saturday and any snacks and drinks they would like throughout the day. However, we will order in some pizzas for lunch on Saturday for everyone. If any young people would feel more comfortable bringing their own lunch for the Saturday that is fine.

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