Holy Habits

Holy Habits

Any Christian who grew up in the 90’s almost definitely would have worn a WWJD bracelet at some point. WWJD – What Would Jesus Do. If WWJD was coined nowadays, I’m sure it would be a hashtag on every Christian teen’s Instagram bio. But more than just a trend that uncool-Christian-kids-trying-to-be-cool took on, the question What Would Jesus Do is right at the very heart of what it actually means to be a Christian.

We all know that there is more to being a Christian than just going to Church on a Sunday; Christianity, as we are surely all aware, is a lifestyle. A way of living. The Bible calls us to be conformed into the image of Jesus (Romans 8:29) – that is, to become like Christ, to do what He did. Jesus did not come just to die, He also came to live. To live as a human and thus provide us a model of how we are to live our lives. And why? Because Jesus, in being very nature God, knew the best way for us to live. Jesus modelled a lifestyle that loved God, loved others and also allowed for us to become the best versions of ourselves we can be. That’s not in a “self-help, Instagram influencer, new-age guru, be-the-best-you-and-knock-everyone-else-out-of-your-way” kind of way, but in a “become like Christ in the way God has designed you to be” kind of way. That, however, is often easier said then done, especially with so many different schools of thought of how that is best achieved! But, there are some key practices we can do that will help us in our journey in becoming like Christ. Some you will find easy, some will be more of a discipline, some you will enjoy, others you won’t; but hopefully all will benefit you in some way.

We, as a 4pm congregation, are going to go through some of these practices (also called ‘Holy Habits”) together. Each week there will be a biblically backed talk about each practice, with some practices to do throughout the week, as well as pointers to resources that can help you. These practices are not “do or die’, we won’t kick you out of the church if you don’t do them and they’re also not a step-by-step linear guide to become the most holy and perfect Christian there has ever been! The talks will be uploaded onto the church website, with a brief synopsis of the ‘habit’, plus the different practical steps that you can do to help you put the habit into practice in your life. There will also be a list of different resources if you would like to look further into a particular ‘habit’.

We are aware that everyone is at a different stage in life; some people have lots of time, some have very little, some people find joy in reading, others really struggle with it. Some of us are naturally good at being in fellowship with others, whilst some of us much prefer our own company. We will endeavour to make a list of varied ways of practically applying the ‘habits’ to your life each week so there will hopefully be at least one way each time you feel you put the ‘habit’ into motion.

Homegroups will be places you can talk honestly about how you are finding each practice, what difference the practice is making in your life, as well as being a place to help each other, keep each other accountable and learn from each other.

So, as we journey through this, let’s pray that we will become closer to God and more intentional in our own spiritual formation. We are all disciples and we are all on a journey to becoming like Christ, so let’s journey this together.

Peace and Grace.

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