Limitless Festival 2020

Limitless is a 5 day camp in Stafford from 7th– 11th August. It is a chance for the young people to spend the week with thousands of other teenagers worshipping God, learning about the Christian faith through optional seminars, building new friendships and deepening existing ones, all the while whilst having tons of fun, taking part in challenges, sport and crazy activities. To find out more about Limitless Festival – head to their website.

A team from Chandler’s Ford will be taking teens from Wildfire, Fuel and Focus, and will be camping, eating and going to the main meetings together. The 5 days will cost £175 which includes the ticket, food, transport there and back and general camping costs.

To book for Limitless Festival 2020 – click here

You will have the option to either pay the full price (£175) or a non-refundable deposit of £55 then followed by three instalments of £40 – if you have any questions about how to make the payments, please chat to Tom (payment can also be made by BACS, so let Tom know if you’d rather pay that way).

It is our desire that all the youth have the chance to come to Limitless Festival and if you are worried about the cost of this event, please do speak to Tom confidentially.